dinsdag 15 maart 2011

Making of the Background, Part IV

Alright, lets wrap it up!!

PART   I - In the beginning.
PART  II - Masks!
PART III - Stripe on strip action.
PART IV - Putting it to work.

We now have a background, lets put it in action.

Lets put it in the blogspot template!

Assuming you have a blog, here's what to do.

In your blogspot dashboard, go to Design > Template Designer 

This will open a new window with the template designer!!

In the Template Designer go to Background > click in the background image > Upload Image, and upload the background. Make sure you set the alignment to  the top (does not matter which one) and to only scroll horizontally.

The result, is visible right now, I uploaded the background I made in the tutorial just for you guys! Aint I sweet.

You can use it elsewhere too, just make sure to only repeat in x though.

That was all, hope you onjoyed this mini-series!

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  1. well if there is still someone who doesn't know

  2. Nice tutorial, man. Appreciate it.

  3. Yeah I guess everybody can't do that without instructions. :D

  4. Thank you (from a practically computer illiterate user)

  5. Awesome post. Very interesting stuff. Hope to use this on my own blog.

  6. Looks great. Gonna make my own custom background soon :)

  7. Thank you, My blog needs a much better background. Now I can actually change it!

  8. Looks nice, need to change mine soon I think.

  9. So interesting, thanks for that =)

  10. yeah nice every post nice : ) keep posting

  11. Nice guide, I'm sure it will help a lot of people.

  12. wow i love your header man. good job there! i see you know what youre doing