maandag 31 januari 2011


dont you hate it when people say stuff like, I am back!! when they where just too lazy to post something on there blogs? I do too, so I wont!!

Here is a little design work for you!
I saw a font a while ago somehwere that i I really liked. I wanted to muck around in illustrator, and decided to spell out my name loosely based on that font. Here the results:

After showing it to friends, they said stuff like not liking the 3 and thinking that it demanded all their attention. After getting this feedback I made the letters more similar, and here is the final version:

My friends said some stuff about version 1.0 that I did not see. I liked it too much for me to be critical about it.
This made me help realize that you need a fresh perspective on your work now and then in order to make it better!